Insider's Guide To Little Italy In The Bronx (PDF download)

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Book Preview.png

Insider's Guide To Little Italy In The Bronx (PDF download)


Want to explore Arthur Avenue on your own, but aren’t sure where to to find the best stuff?

Little Italy in the Bronx is a neighborhood rich with family traditions and secret recipes Reap the benefit of our family’s one hundred years on Arthur Avenue and know find out where to find:

  • The best hand pulled mozzarella

  • The restaurant with the most authentic cacio e pepe you’ll find east of Rome

  • The pastry shop that makes their rainbow cookies with freshly milled almond flour

  • The place to get the most perfect chicken parm hero

  • The best wine shop and what you should buy there

This guidebook contains seven chapters and breaks down everything into easy-to-navigate categories including Delis, Bread Bakeries, Specialty Shops and Restaurants.

This is a well-tested and up-to-date advice that you can count on. Get the most out of your visit to Arthur Avenue with the Insider’s Guide to Little Italy In The Bronx.

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