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I jumped on one of Danielle and Christian's early tours of Arthur Avenue which has long been one of my favorite NYC standards. I thought I knew it all... but they taught me a thing or three. The friends we brought with us had a great time and have since been back to shop and eat their way along the avenue. It is NOT TO BE MISSED there are so few real NY neighborhoods left. Enjoy and eat anything they offer up. Donna Cravotta, New York

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When: Thursdays-Saturdays 11am-1:30pm

Where: Meet in front of 2344 Arthur Avenue, Arthur Avenue Retail Market.

Duration: 2 hour walking tour

How many guests: 12 max

Food: Tastings of pastry, bread, cheese and salume, equivalent to a small to medium sized lunch.

Tour description: Over 2 hours we'll explore nearly a dozen food shops including butchers, bread bakers, pastry shops and a fresh pasta shop. You'll learn about food and history by interacting with the shop keepers themselves rather than hearing a tour guide work from a memorized script.

Throughout the tour we'll sample bread, pastry, cheese and salume, equivalent to a small to medium sized lunch. Shops make certain specialties on certain days or for particular holidays. Samples will be adjusted to reflect the best of Little Italy on the date of your tour.

$79 per person, includes 2.5 hour walking tour plus samples of pastry, bread, cheese and salume, equivalent to a medium sized lunch

5 star rated NYC food tour Little Italy Bronx

Absolutely the highlight of our trips to NYC! Danielle and Christian are both wonderful guides. The food is delicious, and the history and culture lessons complete the tour! Ashley Belcher Ferry, Tuscaloosa

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Had the time of my life on this amazing tour. Loved everything about it - the food, the people, the history, the neighborhood, the guide. Bring a shopping bag because you'll wanna buy and take home so much of that delicious Italian food. Joe Kazemi, New York

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