Wondering which tour to take?

DIY Tour

We see you walking around on Saturdays, a clutch of printouts from the Internet, looking confused but amazed by everything in the shop windows! Instead of giving yourself an ill-fated homework assignment, download our up-to-date illustrated guide to all the beset food that iconic Arthur Avenue neighborhood has to offer.

Reap the benefit of our combined four generations among the Bronx Little Italy shopkeepers and find out who makes the best mozzarella (it’s not who the one the online round-ups repeated over and over again) the freshest rainbow cookies, the best cappuccino and so much more. Our guide also includes extensive restaurant recommendations.

Shopping & Tasting Tour + Lunch

Highly lauded (and often imitated), our Shopping & Tasting Tour is our signature tour of the Arthur Avenue shops. This is the tour illustrated in The New Yorker by artist Jenny Kroik.

Over 2.5 hours we'll'll visit a dozen Italian food shops across Arthur Avenue and 187th Street, the heart of Little Italy in the Bronx. The tour weaves together the history of the neighborhood, introductions to the shopkeepers, personal stories from our long family history on Arthur Avenue and on-the-go tastings of bread, cheese, pastry followed by a special lunch highlighting the best of the season. This tour is vegetarian friendly. No substitutions.

Pizza Pasta & Parm Tour

This tour is a roving feast for Italian food lovers. You'll learn about the history of Little Italy in the Bronx while visiting both shops and restaurants. Tastings include chicken parm, eggplant parmigiana, pizza, spaghetti cacio e pepe and pastry. No substitutions.