Corporate Team Building Tours

More companies are turning towards experiential and food related activities to bond with their teams, celebrate milestones and demonstrate client appreciation.

Sharing a meal together forms a positive connection and our Arthur Avenue food tour is a moveable feast. Instead of sitting in one place we explore a historic neighborhood together on foot and taste its culinary treasures. 

We've crafted a high value, unique tour that's also a bit off-beaten-path. It's easy and inexpensive to park on Arthur Avenue (roughly $3 per 3 hours), coach busses and vans will have plenty of space to wait nearby and we are also just 17-minutes from Grand Central Station via Metro North's Harlem line.

A customized tour of Little Italy in the Bronx is ideal for:

  • Small teams or departments who want to kick-off a new project or celebrate a milestone or achievement

  • Companies that want to welcome out-of-town guests or do a client appreciation event

  • Customer service related businesses who want to treat their employees to a day where their needs are attended to for a change

  • Companies that want to support small mom-and-pop business and a historic New York neighborhood

  • Anyone looking to get off-the-beaten path and introduce their colleagues to an experience they might not ordinarily discover on their own.

Contact or call 917-881-3918 to discuss a customized corporate team-building or reward tour.

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