• Arthur Avenue Retail Market (map)
  • 2344 Arthur Avenue
  • Bronx, NY, 10458
  • United States


Little Italy in the Bronx is like a time capsule of Italian foods, with many dishes and delicacies that can no longer be found in Italy. Settled by Italian immigrants who came to the Bronx to build the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo, this is New York's largest remaining Little Italy. 

Because Little Italy is sustained by people who know the neighborhood well and drive in from the suburbs to do their shopping, it can be intimidating to the first-time visitor. Lines often spill out on to the sidewalks full of people who know that a particular pasta, bread or cheese is absolutely worth the wait.

A 2-hour Arthur Avenue walking food tour includes samples of cheese, pastry and charcuterie at nearly a dozen food shops followed by a sit down lunch. 

  • Say hi to Peter at Vincent's Meat Market named one of New York's 10 best butcher shops. Originally called Oteri's, it was a dried fish store owned by your guide's great-grandfather. After World War II, her uncle converted the space into a butcher shop which also served as the set of the Oscar winning film "Marty," starring Ernest Borgnine.
  • Sample scamorza, parmigiano reggiano and a decadent truffle cheese at Calandra's as well as the housemade mozzarella and ricotta cheese, the best you'll find outside Italy.
  • Take a stroll through the enormous Arthur Avenue Retail Market and sort through the high quality pastas, flours, cookies, and canned tomatoes imported from Italy at Mount Carmel Foods.
  • Look up at the "sausage chandelier" at Calabria Pork Store and sample their house cured pork products.
  • Taste pistachio dipped cannoli at Arthur Avenue Pasticceria
  • Visit Addeo's bakery for a taste of the incredibly addictive "cheegola" bread and Madonia for the white chocolate bread.

Other stops include:

  • Borgatti Ravioli
  • Casa della Mozzarella
  • Biancardi's Meat Market
  • Cozenza Fish Market
  • Cerini Coffee & Gifts
  • The tour concludes with a sit-down lunch at Mario's where we'll have their absolutely amazing pizza margherita.