Discover all of Little Italy's holiday specialties

Little Italy is full of delicious things that are only sold from Thanksgiving to the beginning of the year. On this tour you'll discover:

  • Holiday pastries including cuccidati (fig cookies), chocolate and hazelnut torrone and honey coated struffoli
  • A gift shop full of items from Italy to wrap and put under the Christmas Tree
  • Where to buy the very best pannetone from Italy because not all panettone are created equal
  • The fish shop where Italians have shopped for Feast of the Seven Fishes since 1918
  • The butcher shop that makes the best sausage for New Years Eve "cotechino and lentils", a dish that signifies prosperity for the New Year

Over 2.5 hours we'll explore nearly a dozen food shops on Arthur Avenue and 187th Street. The tour ($79) includes

  • Tastings of cheese, salumi and special holiday pastries
  • Finally we'll sit down together for sfincione, a type of pizza that Sicilians eat on Christmas Eve

Pair your visit with a trip to see the Holiday Train Show and we'll give you a discount code for 20% off admission to New York Botanical Garden

Only 10 people per tour.

This tour runs from Thanksgiving weekend through the New Year. Choose your date below.

Click here if you would like book this is as a private tour (by appointment) for your friends and family?