We have been on several food tours around the world. This one was the BEST!! Great food, Great guide, and we were so fortunate to have great fellow tour companions. Just a great, Great time!

Paul, Mississippi

I’m from the area and have been to Arthur Avenue before, but never like this. Danielle’s tour of Arthur Avenue/Little Italy in the Bronx is unlike anything else out there. First and foremost, Danielle is a real insider and all the shopkeepers seem to know her. After immigrating from Italy, her family had a fish shop on Arthur Avenue; “Mr. Oteri” is mentioned numerous times in the Academy Award-winning movie Marty, filmed on Arthur Avenue. Aside from Danielle’s background, her personal expertise as an historian put the neighborhood and city into context for us. We learned how the neighborhood grew and survived intact while so many other historically ethnic areas of New York disappeared generations ago.  My two-year old can attest that the tour was very family friendly—the shopkeepers couldn’t have been kinder to my small child who kept running up to cookie cases and attempting to lick them. 
We were offered cheese, breads, meats, and sweets at every turn. Plus, we unearthed prepared delicacies like pistachio cream and superb olive oils. I’ve never seen squid-ink sauce and this particular brand of canned truffles on this side of the Atlantic. Just amazing. The day before our tour, Mario Batali and his cohosts from The Chew were at the bakery we visited, learning to make the same prosciutto bread we had stopped in to sample. I could go on about the shops and bakeries, but suffice it to say that it was a memorable day. I’ll go back again soon, but next time I’ll have insider knowledge and guidance on where to go, what to buy, and which pasta the Pope prefers. Grazie, Danielle!


We had the best day on our Little Italy food tour in the Bronx! We weren’t quite sure what to expect and now we want all our family and friends to do this tour! Christian was so knowledgeable and you can tell he really enjoys providing such wonderful experiences to guests. We brought my grandmother and all of us had such an amazing time. This tour can be for all ages. Come hungry and ready to eat some of the best food you will have in New York and maybe elsewhere. It felt as close to Italy as we could possibly be without actually being in Italy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Thanks again Christian!

Kourtney, Texas

Christina, New Jersey

FOODIES PARADISE!! What an amazing and authentic experience. The places we visited had Italian granny’s getting their bread, cheese and pastries. The stores are all family owned. And the flavors were nothing short of spectacular!! Danielle is so full of knowledge and history weaving food and facts throughout our time together. 

Christine, Texas