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What to buy on Arthur Avenue

An ongoing guide for what to eat and what to buy on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

Holiday Shopping on Arthur Avenue

Holiday time is the busiest season on Arthur Avenue. Here's a quick list of the holiday specialties available from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

10) Homemade chocolate and hazelnut torrone (transcendent!)
9) Cucidati, think of them as the original Fig Newtons
8) Cotechino to go with lentils for your New Years Eve good luck meal
7) Amarena cherries direct from Italy
6) Panettone, from the best Italian pastry shops, not those $6 ones you find in the grocery store that would survive the end of the world
5) Pistachio cream from Sicily. Think Nutella, but made with pistachios
4) Basket cheese and fresh ricotta made with organic milk for cheese cakes
3) Whelks or scungilli for your Feast of the Seven Fishes Christmas Eve feast
2) Mostaccioli or "mustache" cookies. Kids love them
1) Gift cards for an Arthur Avenue Shopping & Tasting Tour! If you need a last minute gift, you can download and print our gift card to put under the tree.