Orange and fennel salad

When Roman soldiers were on the march, they could easily carry a few oranges, a bulb of fennel, and make this salad with nothing more than a knife and a bit of olive oil. In the heat of summer, this ancient recipe is the perfect compliment to anything in your picnic basket, especially a frittata di spaghetti.

Orange and fennel salad

Makes 4-6 servings


With a paring knife, remove the peel and pith from the oranges. Separate the orange slices and place in a bowl, allowing any juice to fall into the bowl.

Cut the fronds and the root end off the fennel bulb. Cut the bulb in half lengthwise and cut paper-thin slices with either a very sharp knife or a mandoline.

Cut the red onion in half lengthwise, peel, and cut off both root and tip ends. Make paper-thin slices of the onion as well.

Toss the sliced fennel and onion with the orange segments and juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.