Insider's Guide To Little Italy In The Bronx

The real value of any so-called expert is first hand knowledge and experience is what supplies this valued commodity. This has never been more important, living in this digital age of influencers and rampant fake news. Credentials have never mattered more, especially in regard to a niche market like the Arthur Avenue neighborhood.

The ultimate “down-to earth” Italian neighborhood with working class roots is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, precisely because it supplies what so many people crave these days: Authenticity! It is home to high quality Italian food without any pretense. Competition and a knowledgeable core base of customers, most of whom have some connection to the neighborhood, keep the chefs and shops on top of their game.

The neighborhood is an embarrassment of Italian culinary riches. We enjoy four different butchers! Most neighborhoods no longer have more than one reliable one that will offer the quality cuts at the prices we see there. There are also seven different shops making fresh mozzarella daily! Pop quiz, no cheating: Please name seven other store citywide that do this.

Naturally, this has attracted the attention of various unemployed actors moonlighting as overeager, script-memorizing tour guides, YouTube stars and Instagram influencers, very quick to add their “two cents” and their “expert” opinions. But just because I took a picture next to a private plane, mansion,  or a Lamborghini, doesn’t mean it’s really mine.

So it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options. Here at Arthur Avenue Food Tours, we say, consider your source. While Eater and other publications might have good reporting, and you may agree with their tastes, by-and-large, we are here every day, and have been for the better part of our family’s 100+ years in service to the neighborhood. So we have relationships and experience.

I am an award winning sommelier and restaurant manager who has worked at acclaimed Italian restaurants such as Del Posto, Tarry Lodge, and Osteria della Pace. I’ve also been shopping on Arthur Avenue for the better part of 40 years and now running our tours for 5 plus years.

Danielle has roots in the neighborhood dating back to 1918! Her family owned a butcher shop that has been in business for nearly a century. She also is a published food journalist, and runs tours in the neighborhood for over 5 years now. So we are here every day and the shopkeepers know us well. Some of them know things about Danielle’s family that she doesn’t even know.

The Academy Award winning film “Marty” was shot inside Danielle’s family butcher shop, now Vincent’s Meat Market on Arthur Avenue. This picture shows Ernest Borgnine with her uncle, John Oteri.

The Academy Award winning film “Marty” was shot inside Danielle’s family butcher shop, now Vincent’s Meat Market on Arthur Avenue. This picture shows Ernest Borgnine with her uncle, John Oteri.

Because we are here every day, we also know that quality varies, and it’s easy to miss a moving target, which is why we don’t work from a memorized script on our tours and our DIY guide is updated seasonally.

You know who agrees with us? CNN travel, The New Yorker, USA Today and others you can read all about here.

So you can be sure that when we call something the BEST, it is a well-deserved accolade.

We respect your time, and intelligence, so when you work from our guide you will indeed eat the best of the best.

Christian Galliani

Insider's Guide To Little Italy In The Bronx (PDF download)

Want to explore Arthur Avenue on your own, but aren’t sure where to to find the best stuff?

Little Italy in the Bronx is a neighborhood rich with family traditions and secret recipes Reap the benefit of our family’s one hundred years on Arthur Avenue and know find out where to find:

  • The best hand pulled mozzarella

  • The restaurant with the most authentic cacio e pepe you’ll find east of Rome

  • The pastry shop that makes their rainbow cookies with freshly milled almond flour

  • The place to get the most perfect chicken parm hero

  • The best wine shop and what you should buy there

This guidebook contains seven chapters and breaks down everything into easy-to-navigate categories including Delis, Bread Bakeries, Specialty Shops and Restaurants.

This is a well-tested and up-to-date advice that you can count on. Get the most out of your visit to Arthur Avenue with the Insider’s Guide to Little Italy In The Bronx.

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