Arthur Avenue Wine School

Over the years I have developed a pretty distinct point of view on wine. I worked at four different wine stores, was sent to sommelier school, and worked as a sommelier and wine director for three critically acclaimed Italian restaurants in the Batali/Bastianich Hospitality Group. I am lucky enough to lead wine tours in Italy and have a personal relationship with my work. Wine is what I love.

My talent in this business has always centered on relating to people, spotting quality wine, and translating confusing, unnecessary jargon. There is a lot of pretense out there and snobbery is rampant. Some of it is certainly well deserved, but mostly it seems to be a means of allowing some people in the industry to justify their own fragile egos and ridiculously high prices of certain wines. From my previous sales and management experience, I was able to simplify things for my customers and staff.

After much anticipation, and many requests, we finally found a space for one of my nearest and dearest projects: Wine School. Many guests have also been asking for a wine component to our Arthur Avenue tours for a while, but we could not find the right match. In fairness to the restaurant owners and shopkeepers of the neighborhood, timing (and licensing in NYC) is everything. It was tough to get a space that worked for when the demand was present, but no longer! Our friends Peter (also of Calabria Pork Store) and Frank at Azgardz Lounge, the hot new wine bar on Arthur Avenue, love the idea too. So after much looking and fits and starts, we have a location! Our first class is set for Saturday May 11th at 5pm.

I have put together a great class that will appeal to experts and novices alike. Similar to the private classes and staff trainings I have conducted at the Michelin starred restaurants, and wine shops I’ve worked in, the class is going to enhance the overall enjoyment of the guests and provide a fun and delicious overview with an informal but informative slant. Guests can look forward to:

  • Four fabulous , personally selected wines from different parts the world.

  • Guests will learn a little about each wine, how wine is made, and how to figure out future wines they will enjoy, based on their tastes,. In my typical style I will keep things simple but make it a worthwhile class that will de-mystify a lot of the wine terms and things about the wine world that seem confusing or daunting.

  • Learning about deductive tasting, pairing and how to tell a good wine from an ordinary one.

  • Learning why the price of wine doesn’t correlate with  overall enjoyment, and how to avoid spending money on duds.

  • Paired bites featuring Calabria Pork Store’s world famous salami, dried sausage and an assortment of cheeses, and delicious crostini.

So if you are free the second Saturday in May, this is a fun and festive activity for groups large and small. Salute!